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Silver Spur Ranch Horses are the perfect fit for any working ranch or horse lover. For over 30 years we've prided ourselves on being the premier horseback vacation destination. One major reason for our success has been the quality of our horses. Our horses are used to traveling 60-80 miles through the Idaho Mountains each week. They are hard footed, reliable, and used to being ridden by a variety of different riders. Learn more about these incredible animals below. 



This big bay gelding is nice. He's been used to pack guest and guides all over the mountains in Idaho and he's very simple to ride. Rides soft and....

File 33.jpg


Anyone like cool paint geldings that have a 2nd and 3rd gear? This 15hh grade paint gelding is exactly what you're looking for. He rides around...

File 2_edited.png


Who doesn't love a Grulla colored horse? This gelding is right up your alley if you are looking for a solid trail horse. Easy going, relaxed, sure footed...

File 24.jpg


Here's a really nice coming 5 year old Grade Buckskin gelding. Born and raised here on the Silver Spur Ranch. As pretty as the day is long, and...

File 14_edited.jpg


Here is a cute coming 5 year old Grade Bay filly. We call her Jamie, and she's got the eye appeal for sure! She moves out really nicely, and has...

File 27_edited.jpg


What a good easy going gelding! Safe and simple is the best way to describe this grade gelding. He's got all the easy buttons it takes to...

File 54_edited.jpg


This 14.2hh Palomino gelding is sure cute to look at with a lot of mane and tail. He's a mover. He is always out in front of the pack and this little guy has...

File 20_edited.png


This paint gelding is THICK! Standing at 14.1hh, and just as wide, this little Gypsy Vanner cross gelding is straight up cool. He's got tons of...



This horse here is the image of a solid broke gelding. He's a 15 year old grade horse who has been there and done that. He is the horse that...

File 50_edited.jpg


This cute roan filly is as good as they get. She is our go to gentle horse for kids, grandparents and inexperienced riders, yet she's good enough for any cowboy to...

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