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World Famous Horse Drive

2022 Rates


$4,500 Per Week

+6% Tax and 10% Gratuity


$1,000 Due Now

Remaining amount due upon arrival at the ranch or 15 weeks before arrival


Adventurous horse vacation designed for the experienced rider.

This is the Horse Drive at Silver Spur Ranch. Not your typical dude ranch. Actually, not a dude ranch at all. Prepare for an adventure unlike anything in the world as you begin to herd 40+ horses through the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.

This is the ranch. It will be your home base for the duration of your stay. The ranch is completely off grid and disconnected from the world. (No wifi or cell signal)

  • Off-grid powered by the sun

The cabins at there ranch are simple but nice. Each cabin has power for charging your devices and light to see at night. 

  • The famous outdoor shower

After a long days ride the famous outdoor shower has endless hot water that helps get all the dust off.

  • The Outhouse

At the ranch and at each campsite the toilet facilities are outhouse style. (You want western, you got it.)

You will be spending three nights here at the ranch and two nights out along the trail. 

Our staff of cowboys and cowgirls will not only teach you how to rope but they are there to assist you as best they can.

Where the fun begins

Fast Rides

You must be comfortable riding at a walk, trot, and gallop and be in good health/shape. 

Western Riding

We will be riding western style at the ranch. If you ride english style the transition is easy.


Each day differs in length and speeds due to terrain but expect to be riding for at least 5hours per day.

Put your boots on, its about to get western.

From solo riders to groups, we all become one big riding family.

Food so good your horse might hate you

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks and non-alcoholic drinks you can imagine are provided for you. If you are vegetarian or have a health allergy just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Campsites

You will be staying two nights at two different campsites.

This is the campsite. Kodiak canvas tents, foam pads, warm sleeping bags, and all your gear will be waiting for you once you arrive by horse back.

  • Natural Warm Spring

The first campsite has a natural warm spring you can bathe in and get all the dust off.

  • Campfire

Campfire for cooking and keeping warm once the sun goes down. 

The Horse Drive

This is the horse drive. You will be herding around 40 horses back to the ranch. 

  • Why are we herding horses?

The horses we are herding are younger horses that we have bred and are currently in our training program. The horse drive not only helps to rotate pasture but also teaches these young horses how to become sure footed animals, cross creeks, dead fall, and navigate in steep terrain all before we get on their back.

  • How do you herd horses?

Horses have a herd instinct so they naturally want to follow other horses. We will split the group up and half the group will go in the front and the other half will go in the back. The group in the front has the job to lead the way and set the pace, the group in the back has to make sure all the horses are following the horses in the front and that we don't lose any. (It can get pretty crazy at times.)

  • Is it going to be an adventure?

The horse drive is the ultimate horseback adventure. It is fast paced, has a variety of terrain to navigate, and really tests your skills.

Our cowboy and cowgirl guides will be there to help you every step of the way and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.





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