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What To Pack For A Horseback Vacation.

Packing for a horseback vacation can be a challenge. When visiting a dude ranch, guest ranch, working ranch or whatever you prefer to call it, you'll need to bring both personal items and gear specific to horse riding. Here at the Silver Spur Ranch we've compiled a list of items we believe everyone should have on their horseback vacation.

So you just booked your dream horseback vacation, a horse drive at the Silver Spur Ranch. Chasing wild horses through the majestic Idaho mountain’s, feasting like kings on home cooked meals and creating the kind of memories you can’t wait to tell anyone and everyone who will listen.

How could you not be excited?

But you still have questions too.

  • What will the weather be like?

  • What will we do when we're not riding?

  • What do I pack?

To help you with your packing, we've put together a list of items to consider bringing with you on your upcoming horseback adventure here at the Silver Spur Ranch. Whether you’re a multiple repeat guest or an excited first timer, these items will ensure that you're well-prepared for the journey ahead

Personal Items:

Personal items are an essential part of any vacation and horseback holidays are no different. While you'll be spending most of your day riding horseback, it's important to bring along everything you need to be comfortable and take care of yourself during your trip. From toiletries to sun protection, make sure to pack items that will keep you healthy and comfortable while you're on the trail.

  • Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bath towel, and other personal hygiene items.

  • Bug/Tick Spray: Bring something to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects while on the trail.

  • Flashlight: A flashlight or headlamp will be helpful for early mornings or late night trips to the bathroom.

  • Camera/GoPro: Capture your memories with a camera, GoPro or smart phone.

  • Sun protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a brimmed hat are all important to pack.

  • Cash: For any souvenirs you may want to help you remember your trip.


Choosing the right clothing for your trip is important, as you'll need to be comfortable while riding and be prepared for various weather conditions. The weather along the beautiful continental divide can change quickly. So packing in layers is a great way to prepare for anything mother nature has in store for you while on the trail. Make sure to also bring clothing that's appropriate for activities you'll be doing off your horse, such as bathing in the outdoor spring or lounging around the campfire. With the right clothing, you'll be able to enjoy your horseback adventure no matter the weather.

  • Cowboy Boots or Boots with a heel: It’s important when riding to have a solid connection with your stirrups. Having a good pair of boots with a heel will keep your feet from sliding through the stirrup.

  • Cowboy Hat or Riding Helmet: A properly fitting Cowboy hat or Riding Helmet is a beneficial piece of gear while riding.

  • Rain Jacket/Warm Coat: The weather in Idaho can be unpredictable. Especially along the continental divide where our ranch is located. If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes, it will change! However, you’ll want to make sure your prepared for when it does.

  • Swim Suit: We camp out two nights on the trail during your horse drive. You’ll want a swim suit to bathe in the warm springs at camp or in the outdoor shower while away from the ranch.

  • Water Shoes: You’ll love having something to protect your feet from the rocks and thorns around the warm springs.

  • Pants/Trousers: Jeans or riding pants are both suitable options.

  • Shirts: A long-sleeved shirt is recommended to protect from sun and brush.

  • Buff/Neck Gaiter: Things can get pretty dusty out on the trail. Pack a buff or neck gaiter to protect your neck and face from the dust and wind while riding.

Suggestions from past guests:

We are extremely lucky to have the best guests in the world here at the Silver Spur Ranch. It's always incredible to us how people show up as strangers on Monday and leave as friends on Saturday. There are even guests who have come as many as 18 years in a row! We are so blessed to be able to share this lifestyle with the incredible people we do. Thank you all.

We reached out to our past guests asking for their insight, "What is something your glad you packed or wish you would have?" Below is a collection of the most popular answers.

  • Layers: “The weather can change quickly on the drive. Packing my clothing in layers helps me be ready for whatever Idaho has to throw at me.”

  • Chapstick: “Some days can get super hot and dusty on the trail, especially in late July. My chapstick was a lifesaver on our day across the desert.”

  • Comfy Camp Clothes: “It would have been so nice to have comfy clothes to change into for around the campfire after a long day of riding”

  • Pack Only Essentials: “I wish I would have packed lighter. I really only used 1/4 of what I brought.”

  • Wet Wipes: “I’ve been twice and I was glad to have packed baby wipes because as a Floridian, bathing in the creek was chilly!”

  • Biker Shorts: "While I was confident in my riding abilities, I wasn't used to being in the saddle for as many hours a day as the drive requires. Having a pair of biker shorts or leggings underneath my jeans helped me avoid any nasty chaffing."


While packing for a horseback vacation can be a challenge, with the right items, you can have a comfortable and memorable trip. Essential personal items such as toiletries, bug/tick spray, a flashlight & sun protection should be packed along with appropriate clothing for horseback riding and outdoor activities.

Our incredible past guests, highly recommend that you pack in layers, bring chapstick, comfortable camp clothes, and only the essentials. But don’t forget those wet wipes! By preparing properly, you can fully enjoy your horse drive experience at the Silver Spur Ranch and make memories to last a lifetime.

So what are you still waiting for?


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